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Copyright Registration in Dubai, UAE

Copyright Registration in Dubai, UAE is covered by Law No. 7 of 2002 (Copyright Authorship and Protection Law). Protection may be from any sort of work including but not limited to artistry, literary, scientific and media works.

The UAE is a country which supports investors and entrepreneurs. Copyright is usually applicable to creative works. If the work is loved and desired by another, only the original owner may grant a limited or exclusive right. This relationship is a sensitive one and must be handled with care. If your business line involves product that require copyright protection, then as soon as your company is incorporated in the UAE, arranging for a copyright protection should be the next step. The major creations worth protecting are:

  • Technical drawings: engineers, architects, construction firms can benefit from this.
  • Literature: every writing that should be protected fall under this category
  • Media : Television shows, audio and video recordings
  • Software: Computer programmes and hardware


Why Copyright registration in Dubai, UAE is Important?

A copyright can be described as sets of rights granted to another person by the author or creator of a work originally owned. The author may grant the right to copy, recreate, modify, adapt or distribute the original piece. Some benefits of Copyright Registration in Dubai and the UAE at large are as follows:
  • Ability to protect your creation from every form of damage
  • Enhancement of goodwill for the author
  • Your creation goes into the public record for your entire lifetime and 50 years thereafter.
  • Prevention from copycats

Requirements for copyright registration in Dubai, UAE:

  • application form
  • Power of Attorney
  • Work sample
  • Author’s ID
  • Owner’s ID
  • Contact details

Copyright Registration in Dubai, UAE takes only 7 days. If you are in the UAE and desire to protect your creation for life, contact our copyright team for a free consultation session. We are just a click away.