Design registration in Dubai

The Design of a business can either make it or mar it at the long run. According to Steve Jobs of Apple Inc, the design of a company embodies how the company works, not just how it looks. With this knowledge, business owners and CEO should ensure that their designs are well protected. In the UAE, there is a set procedure already in place for the protection of industrial designs. This means that with little or no effort at all, you get the peace of mind that follows knowing that your design cannot be imitated by anyone anywhere.

What is an Industrial Design?

Industrial Designs covers “any innovative three-dimensional shape that can be used in industry or craft” or “any innovative creation of lines or colors that generates a product that can be used in industry or craft” and in the UAE, Federal Law No. 17 of 2002 is the law enacted for the protection of designs. Simply put, an industrial design is the visual appeal of a product, that is, the aesthetics, look and shape that a product is identified with. A crucial point to note when intending to protect your design in the UAE is that an application for the protection of design may include more than one industrial design or drawing, as long as the designs and/or drawings are interconnected in use, manufacture and do not exceed twenty(20) in number. As soon as registration for protection is made and fees have been paid, a deed will be issued by the minister in charge and same will be published in the circular to initiate the protection process.

Here’s a summary of the Procedure:
  • Design application filed
  • An examination is carried out according to the law
  • Design is published in the Official Gazette
  • If no opposition is received after 60 days, the certificate is issued.
  • A design is protected for up to a maximum period of ten (ten) years.
  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Two copies of the model or design, if it is two-dimensional, or two copies of each view, if it is three-dimensional.

Drawing from our years of experience, our consultants will ensure that you receive your certificate of protection as soon as the 60-day objection period is over. We understand that the protection of a design is crucial to the success of the company. For this reason, when assisting our clients with the registration of their design, we make it our duty to deliver a speedy service with a constant update on the procedure until the certificate is procured.
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