Trademark Consultation in UAE

International Trademark Registration

The international trademark registration process, facilitated by the Madrid System, allows you to seek protection for your trademark in multiple countries through a single application.

  1. Determine Eligibility

Ensure you to meet the eligibility criteria to use the Madrid System.

  1. Choose Designated Countries

Decide which countries you want to seek trademark protection in. These are known as the "designated countries."

  1. Prepare Application

Prepare the international application form, known as the "Madrid Application," which includes details about your trademark, the list of designated countries, and other required information.

  1. Submit Application

Submit the international application to the trademark office in your home country. The application is then forwarded to the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

  1. WIPO Examination

WIPO examines the application to ensure it meets formal requirements and that your home application/registration is valid. If there are any issues, WIPO will communicate with you or your appointed representative.

  1. Designated Countries Examination

The application is transmitted to the trademark offices of the designated countries. Each country's office examines the application based on its own laws and regulations.

  1. Confirmation of Protection

If there are no refusals or objections from the designated countries, your trademark is protected in those countries.

  1. Centralized Management

WIPO maintains the International Register and handles updates and changes, such as renewals, ownership changes, or name/address updates.

  1. Territoriality

Each registered mark is protected and governed by the laws of the individual designated countries.

  1. Duration and Renewal

The protection of your international registration lasts for ten years from the date of the international registration. You can renew it for successive ten-year periods.

  1. Changes and Updates

You can make updates, changes, or extensions to your international registration centrally through WIPO.

  1. National Actions

Any actions required by individual designated countries, such as payment of national fees or responses to objections, are handled through their respective trademark offices.

It is important to note that while the Madrid System streamlines the process, it does not replace the individual examination procedures of each designated country. We guide you not to encounter any issues during the examination process, by guiding through the international trademark law and the specific requirements of the countries you are targeting.