Patent Registration in Dubai, UAE

In our generation, continuous invention isn’t something that comes once in awhile. With the manner in which technology is moving, it is only wise that everyone who invents via his own idea and work input should seek to protect such invention from unsolicited takeover. Any business in an industry where invention is key must do the needful by registering the patent of these inventions in order to have peace of mind.

What Is a Patent?

Patent is among the various types of intellectual property and is granted by a government authority to inventors to protect their inventions. When Patent is granted, the owner has the exclusive right to transfer, sell, export and import the invention.

 Patent Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

Under the UAE law, a patent is granted to the authorized owner for 20 years. One must also note that there are conventions and Agreements that are applicable to patent Registration in the Dubai Emirate and the UAE at large. These include:

  • Directions from the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Paris Convention
  • WIPO Convention
  • UAE as a member of the WTO

The body controlling the regulation and registration of Patent in Dubai & UAE is the Intellectual Property Department of the Ministry of Economy and the process of registration starts with filling the application form. Being a patent holder means that you:

  •  Control how the invention is monetized.
  • Have power to modify  the invention when needed
  • Grant value to your company
  • Ability to get a license for the invention


Documents Required for Patent Registration in Dubai, UAE

  • Registration application form
  • Description of the invention/ process (both Arabic and English)
  • Bibliography
  • Claims of the invention/ process (both Arabic and English)
  • Abstract of the invention/ process (both Arabic and English)
  • Industrial drawing of the invention/process
  • Copy of representative image
  • Commercial registration papers
  • Company certificate of incorporation
  • Deed of assignment
  • Power of Attorney
  • Emirates ID

Our team of legal consultants in Dubai understands the importance of bagging the registration of Patent on any of your invention. This is why we have carefully selected the best hands to ensure that the patent registration process is hassle-free for you. Our patent registration specialists have worked in the patent registration department for more than 14 years and possess the relevant experience needed to assist you with the tedious patent registration process in Dubai, UAE.   Contact us for your free consultation today.