Trademark is an identity distinguishing your products and services from others
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"You create, We Safeguard" Registration of Copyright safeguard your creativity.
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"You invent, We Protect" Patent is an exclusive legal right granted to the inventor for an invention
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How It Works

Enquire about Current Trademarks

Before registering a trademark, the first step is to for a UAE trademark search to know if the trademark we want is already in use or not.

Fill out the Application

The application to register a trademark needs to be downloaded and then filled in

Make Payment

After acquiring the necessary documents, you will be required to pay a trademark registration fee.

Publishing in Newspaper

After giving you the approval, the Ministry will publish the document in two different national newspapers.

Final Registration

If there is no complaint against the trademark at the specified time, the Ministry of Economic will provide you with a registration certificate.

02 Why
No Hidden Costs or Fees
The price we list on our web site (our service fee + the required government fee) is the price you pay to get your trademark filed.
Application Verification
Our specialists review your application for completeness.
Our Trademark Search Engine Is Better
We have invested a lot of time, money and energy into creating the worlds best trademark search engine for our customers and users
We Hire Amazing Employees
Our specialists have years of experience reviewing and transmitting trademark applications with the USPTO

Legal Maxims - Dubai’s Leading Trademark Registration Consultant, Trademark Registration in Dubai

Legal Maxims as one of the top leading trademark registration consultants in Dubai, UAE offering a wide array of trademark registration services include, Patent Registration, Copyright Registration, Global Trademark Registration, Logo Registration and Brand registration services. Our team consists of highly professional lawyers and consultants that are well experienced with trademark registration process in the region to make your trademark registration easier.

Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with quality and affordable trademark registration services to enjoy their freedom of creativity. To achieve our vision of delivering quality trademark registration process we strive hard with our team of dedicated consultant to overcome all challenging situations to deliver quality services to each and every clients.   Reach out to us to have a cup of coffee over your free trademark registration consultation

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